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Psychotherapist, Counsellor & Couples Counselling, Independent Social Worker, Social Work Academic, Climate Psychology Therapist and Researcher

Practice rooms: Bristol, Devizes & Bath

Contact: caroline.hickman@yahoo.com


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I have a background in social work and psychotherapy, currently working at the University of Bath as a Teaching Fellow in Social Work and as a therapeutic social worker with various charities. I have worked in social work since 1983 and as an Integrative Psychosynthesis Psychotherapist with children, couples and adults for 25 years. I qualified as a psychotherapist with Revision and studied archetypal & cultural psychology for three years with Thiasos in London.

I am a PhD candidate in Education at the University of Bath researching children’s relationships with nature and feelings about climate change. Other research projects include: therapy dogs working with people with alzheimers’, issues of identity affecting refugee and asylum seeking children, public attitudes and relationships with 'wildlife' and seagulls, and therapeutic relationships with horses and llamas with children & people with alzheimers.

My psychotherapy dissertation explored grief and depression and our relationship with the sea and salt water, both real and imaginal. I am also a PADI diving instructor and have spent many therapeutic hours hanging out with fish working underwater in the Sinai, Egypt.

Foggy Pier


'It's all a question of story. We are in trouble just now because we do not have a good story. We are in between stories. The old story, the account of how the world came to be and how we fit into it, is no longer effective. Yet we have not learned the new story.'

Thomas Berry

My psychotherapy approach is based on psychodynamic, analytic, jungian, ecopsychology and archetypal approaches. Therapeutically it is concerned with soul making, story telling, listening to and exploring dreams, metaphors and images, art and the imaginal.

I work with individuals and couples.

In therapy we will explore the meaning of events and relationships in your life to help you re-shape and reimagine different futures for yourself. We will examine how you can fall into repeat patterns of communication between you and others, and also behaviour that does not take you forwards into the life you want to be living.

Through facing struggles and challenges we can transform these into a deeper and more meaningful life. The splits and disconnection we feel between parts of ourselves, and between ourselves and others/the world can appear as depression, anxiety, loneliness, eating disorders and self harming behaviour. Our relationships with our partners, parents and children can be characterised by conflict and power struggles, we can struggle to be authentic and 'real' in the world. 

Psychotherapy for yourself, for couples or families can help to heal these splits and disconnection, help you to live a more authentic life, help heal old wounds from childhood and bring meaning and acceptance through connection with body, mind, heart, spirit, soul and nature.

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Climate Psychology

I give talks and workshops on Climate Psychology exploring with people how to engage with the current climate emergency and develop their emotional responses to these challenging times.


This talk looks at some of the psychological barriers to taking action on climate change and argues that whilst we need to develop and implement practical and technical solutions, they will not be enough on their own. If we are going to find sustainable solutions then we have to find a way to face the paradox that it is only through facing our vulnerability, painful truths, collective denial, grief and loss that we will be able to develop the emotionally informed and sustainable action that we need to take to save ourselves as well as the planet. These inner ‘untrodden paths’ through our defences and complex feelings about climate change might just hold some of the answers we need, and counter intuitively show us the way.

‘Our children in the future will look back at us and ask if we did all that we could have done to deal with this problem, or did we avoid doing what needed to be done?’

Barack Obama


‘Sometimes I wonder…..how psychology ever got so off base. How did it cut itself off from reality? Where else in the world would a human soul be so divorced from the spirits of its surroundings?Psychology, so dedicated to awakening the human consciousness, needs to wake itself up to one of the most ancient human truths: we cannot be studied or cured apart from the planet’ James Hillman

I am a member of Climate Psychology Alliance


A forum for people wanting to make connections between depth psychology and climate change, as we all face the difficult truths of climate change and ecological crisis.

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